• Experimental warming differentially affects vegetative and reproductive phenology of tundra plants 

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    • Genomic signatures and correlates of widespread population declines in salmon 

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      Global losses of biodiversity are occurring at an unprecedented rate, but causes are often unidentified. Genomic data provide an opportunity to isolate drivers of change and even predict future vulnerabilities. Atlantic ...
    • The human gut Firmicute Roseburia intestinalis is a primary degrader of dietary β-mannans 

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      β-Mannans are plant cell wall polysaccharides that are commonly found in human diets. However, a mechanistic understanding into the key populations that degrade this glycan is absent, especially for the dominant Firmicutes ...
    • Hunting regulation favors slow life histories in a large carnivore 

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      As an important extrinsic source of mortality, harvest should select for fast reproduction and accelerated life histories. However, if vulnerability to harvest depends upon female reproductive status, patterns of selectivity ...
    • Integration of absolute multi-omics reveals dynamic protein-to-RNA ratios and metabolic interplay within mixed-domain microbiomes 

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    • Lysates of Methylococcus capsulatus Bath induce a lean-like microbiota, intestinal FoxP3+RORγt+IL-17+ Tregs and improve metabolism 

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      Interactions between host and gut microbial communities are modulated by diets and play pivotal roles in immunological homeostasis and health. We show that exchanging the protein source in a high fat, high sugar, westernized ...
    • Microbiota-directed fibre activates both targeted and secondary metabolic shifts in the distal gut 

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      Beneficial modulation of the gut microbiome has high-impact implications not only in humans, but also in livestock that sustain our current societal needs. In this context, we have tailored an acetylated galactoglucomannan ...
    • More frequent extreme climate events stabilize reindeer population dynamics 

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      Extreme climate events often cause population crashes but are difficult to account for in population-dynamic studies. Especially in long-lived animals, density dependence and demography may induce lagged impacts of ...
    • Origin of micro-scale heterogeneity in polymerisation of photo-activated resin composites 

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    • Powerful decomposition of complex traits in a diploid model 

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    • Predicting quantitative traits from genome and phenome with near perfect accuracy. 

      Märtens, Kaspar; Hallin, Johan; Warringer, Jonas; Liti, Gianni; Parts, Leopold (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      In spite of decades of linkage and association studies and its potential impact on human health, reliable prediction of an individual's risk for heritable disease remains difficult. Large numbers of mapped loci do not ...
    • The structural variation landscape in 492 Atlantic salmon genomes 

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      Structural variants (SVs) are a major source of genetic and phenotypic variation, but remain challenging to accurately type and are hence poorly characterized in most species. We present an approach for reliable SV discovery ...
    • Structure of the essential peptidoglycan amidotransferase MurT/GatD complex from Streptococcus pneumoniae. 

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