• Health problems related to algal bloom among seaweed farmers in coastal areas of Tanzania 

      Said, Aziza H.; Kyewalyanga, Margareth S.; Msuya, Flower E.; Mmochi, Aviti John; Mwihia, Evalyn W.; Skjerve, Eystein; Ngowi, Helena; Lyche, Jan Ludvig (Journal article, 2018)
      There is a scarcity of research-based data on the factors associated with skin irritation due to algal blooms in seaweed farming. Changes in temperature with an increase in nutrients levels lead to the growth of harmful ...
    • Internet Lite for Sustainable Development 

      Noll, Josef; Mansour, Wisam A.; Holst, Christine; Dixit, Sudhir; Sukums, Felix; Ngowi, Helena; Radovanović, Danica; Mwakapeje, Elibariki; Isabwe, Ghislain Maurice Norbert; Winkler, Andrea Sylvia; Ngowi, Bernard James (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)