• Drivers of Phosphorus Uptake by Barley Following Secondary Resource Application 

      Brod, Eva; Øgaard, Anne K. Falk; Krogstad, Tore; Haraldsen, Trond; Frossard, Emmanuel; Oberson, Astrid (Artistic production; Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Minable rock phosphate is a finite resource. Replacing mineral phosphorus (P) fertilizer with P-rich secondary resources is one way to manage P more efficiently, but the importance of physicochemical and microbial soil ...
    • Efficiency of combined waste resources as N and P fertiliser to spring cereals 

      Brod, Eva; Haraldsen, Trond; Krogstad, Tore (Bioforsk Rapport;, Research report, 2012)
      N-rich waste resources have potentially good effects if applied as fertiliser to spring cereals. P fertilisation effects of meat and bone meal are strongly determined by soil pH, whereas P in bottom wood ash seems to have ...
    • Fiskeslam som nitrogengjødsel. Effekt av ulike behandlingsteknologier 

      Brod, Eva; Haraldsen, Trond; Krogstad, Tore (Research report, 2016)
      I denne rapporten legges det fram resultater fra et potte- og et inkuberingsforsøk med ulike fiskeslam varianter (ubehandlet fiskeslam, 4 biorest av fiskeslam og husdyrgjødsel, 2 tørre fiskeslam produkter). Gjødseleffekten ...
    • Metoder for revegetering langs veg i landbruksområder 

      Hanslin, Hans Martin; Hovstad, Knut; Haraldsen, Trond; Pedersen, Per Anker; Kallioniemi, Eveliina; Aamlid, Trygve (Research report, 2015)