• Invited review: Opportunities for genetic improvement of metabolic diseases. 

      Pryce, J. E.; Parker-Gaddis, K. L.; Koeck, Astrid; Bastin, C.; Abdelsayed, M.; Gengler, Nicolas; Miglior, F.; Heringstad, Bjørg; Egger-Danner, Christa; Stock, K F; Bradley, A. J.; Cole, J. B. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
    • Selection against metabolic diseases 

      Heringstad, Bjørg; Pryce, J.E.; Egger-Danner, Christa; Stock, K.F.; Cole, J. B.; Gengler, Nicolas; Miglior, F.; Bradley, A. J.; Parker Graddis, K.L.; Koeck, Astrid; Bastin, C.; Abdelsayed, M. (Chapter, 2017)
      Abstract: Metabolic diseases, such as ketosis and milk fever, are among the most common diseases affecting dairy cattle. Genetic improvement of ability to resist metabolic diseases can be achieved by direct selection with ...