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  • Biochar dispersion in a tropical soil and its effects on native soil organic carbon 

    Obia, Alfred; Lyu, Jing; Mulder, Jan; Martinsen, Vegard; Cornelissen, Gerard; Smebye, Andreas; Zimmerman, Andrew R. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
  • Modifying cellulose fibers with lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs) 

    Støpamo, Fredrik Gjerstad (PhD Thesis;2024:42, Doctoral thesis, 2024)
    This PhD thesis encompasses studies of how lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs) may be used for enzymatic modification and functionalization of cellulose for the development of renewable biomaterials. The thesis ...
  • Establishing new methods for PSE-like pork defects detection and diagnostics 

    Suliga, Pawel Piotr (PhD thesis;2024:28, Doctoral thesis, 2024)
    This thesis focuses on establishing innovative tools as new methods for assessing the quality of pork meat (Sus scrofa domestica). The conversion from muscle to meat consists of a complex interaction between factors such ...
  • Preliminary assessment of the knowledge gaps to conserve and increase soil organic carbon stocks 

    Almås, Åsgeir R.; Eich-Greatorex, Susanne; Tomasgaard, Trine Aulstad Sogn; Mulder, Jan; Pandey, Manoj Kumar; Dauby, Vincent; Powlson, David; Farina, Roberta; Watte, Jeroen; Rasse, Daniel (Journal article, 2024)
    The main objective of this scoping document, is to deliver an overall roadmap for the EU commission, targeting the soil mission objective “conserving and increasing soil organic carbon stocks”. The objective addresses the ...
  • Climatic conditions and landscape diversity predict plant–beeinteractions and pollen deposition in bee-pollinated plants 

    Sydenham, Markus A. K.; Dupont, Yoko L.; Nielsen, Anders; Olesen, Jens M.; Madsen, Henning Bang; Skrindo, Astrid Brekke; Rasmussen, Claus; Nowell, Megan Sara; Venter, Zander; Hegland, Stein Joar; Helle, Anders Gunnar; Skoog, Daniel Ingvar Jeuderan; Torvanger, Marianne Strand; Hanevik, Kaj-Andreas; Hinderaker, Sven Emil; Paulsen, Thorstein; Eldegard, Katrine; Reitan, Trond; Rusch, Graciela Monica (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
    Climate change, landscape homogenization, and the decline of beneficial insectsthreaten pollination services to wild plants and crops. Understanding how pollinationpotential (i.e. the capacity of ecosystems to support ...

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